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Too much choice already!

Don’t you just HATE going onto Amazon or some other online monster-like superstore and getting OVERWHELMED by too many products? Page after page after page of the same stuff? With each product listing telling you what everybody else is buying and recommends?

“I don’t care what everybody else is buying. I’m not everybody else.”

It’s a strange way to shop. It’s like showing up at the front door of the shopping mall and having a thousand shops each hand you a brochure. Enough. Too many brochures. Too many bots and auto-generated recommendations. I don’t care what everybody else is buying. I’m not everybody else. Instead, wouldn’t it be nicer to visit a calm, restful boutique that guides you by the hand, maybe even with bit of a squeeze, and attentively shows you a small selection of the very best items that you and your dog deserve? And does it with lovely human interaction and maybe a bit of spice of life? Is it too much to ask for a bit of humanity and character when we buy something online?

“Only buy what you LOVE”

That’s where DogVersions is here to HELP. Because, frankly darling, we all need a little help.

So, this is our thing. We partner with carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers only. Or we design and create the products ourselves. Because if there is one thing we know, it’s Fashion. Oh, and dogs of course.

Yes, you need to be sensible when it comes to dogs. Of course you do. We’re dog lovers after all. So, we take our experience as responsible dog owners and combine this with our fabulousness. Then we engage our community of friends, family, veterinarians, dog groomers, dog walkers, boarding, daycare, reiki masters, industry experts, Drag Queens and more – and we choose the best. That way, you don’t have to trawl through page after page after page of the best brush or bed or ball for your Bobby. And you don’t have to have the worry that what you’re buying might not be right. Or worry what the neighbours might think of your sense of style – or lack thereof, ahem (but that’s our little secret, nobody HAS to know).

Oh – you know how we say we’d love to hear from you and get YOUR product recommendations? Well, probably not. I should probably follow that sentence with one of those wretched smiley face emoticons so you know we’re just having a laugh.

Seriously though, Yes, let’s SHARE all our secrets so that our dogs, and especially our interior décor, get the very best. In every category of life with dogs.

Toys. Treats. Bedding. Collars and Leads. Skin and coat care. Nutritional supplements and more.

Because if there is ONE LESSON we can take from our dogs, life is a GIFT, let’s make the most of it, let’s be present, in the here and now, and live this gift, unashamedly, with PRIDE, the best we can! And maybe a Gin & Tonic or two along the way.

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