Dogzilian Soothing Serum


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Natural anti-inflammatory made of organic and natural ingredients to soothe and cool. Known to heal skin irritation, superficial wounds, cuts, scrapes, clipper rash.

100% Pure & Natural.


With Aloe Vera, Calendula, Avocado Fruit Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Lavender and Myrrh


"Every dog owner should have a Soothing Serum in their medicine cabinet at home!" - Angela Caley, Head of International Certified Master Groomers UK



Dispense a dab or so of Dogzilian Soothing Serum onto your fingertips and apply lightly and sparingly to cover the affected areas of your dog’s skin. Allow the skin to absorb the serum. Reapply two to three times daily or as required. Allow the skin to dry normally before reapplying. Observe the affected area to ensure the skin is returning to a normal and healthy appearance. If the affected area is not getting better or has become infected (if you notice seeping puss, swelling or a bad odour, discontinue use and seek professional veterinary advice immediately).


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